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Customer Care

At Pumpables, we are committed to delivering the very best customer service we can to support your pumping journey. You can feel confident that we get it - whether you're not sure which product is right, have an issue or just need help, we're here for you. 

Help with choosing a product

If you need help working out which product you need, then email us or stop by our Facebook page.

My product isn't working

Oh no! If you've struck an issue using your Pumpables product, then please get in touch asap. It's best if we troubleshoot with you first, as most issues can be resolved by some help with assembly. If you've already gone through troubleshooting with the team and it's been confirmed you need to fill out a warranty claim, then head here.


You can find all our manuals online right here

Fitting Room

Working out the right breastshield size is so important, and so hard to do alone. Remember how hard it was to work out your bra size? Your shield size is very similar. Take advantage of expert help from Pumpables in our Fitting Room