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Genie Breastshields [Pack of 2]

Genie Breastshields [Pack of 2]

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The Pumpables Genie Breastshield makes it easy to swap your breastshield size without having to replace your entire breastshield kit. For use with the Genie connector. This product contains a set of 2 breastshields in your chosen size.


Compatible with Genie Breastshield Connectors only.


Breastshield sizing is tricky. If you experience any kind of pain when pumping, the wrong size shield is often the culprit. Women are not one size fits all, and it's no different with breastshields! If you have no idea at all what size you are, then you can try to gauge the size by measuring your nipple circumference. Note - it is irrelevant what bra cup size you are - it is the width of your nipple when you are pumping that determines your flange size.

Measuring your nipple

To measure your nipple, you need to measure straight across the widest part of the nipple (not including any areola). It's helpful to measure after pumping for 10-20 seconds.

To get started, use our Nipple Ruler.

Have a good read through this blog post as well - Breastshield size guide blog post

How to choose the right size

If you are using our Nipple Ruler, the size to try would be the size stated on the hole that fits snugly. Your nipple should fit in the circle on the nipple ruler snugly, but without the circle squashing the nipple. Minimal space should be visible between the nipple and the edge of the circle on the ruler. You do not want areola entering into the circle - just nipple. Send us some pictures if you're not sure.

If you are using a normal ruler to measure, once you have measured your nipple size, then round up to the closest mm, and that would be the best shield size to try. So if your nipple size measures just under 21mm, choose the 21mm shield size; 😉.

If you're still not sure, head to our Fitting Room and get personalised assistance from one of the team. We have fit tens of thousands of pumping mamas with the right size breastshield!


All Pumpables parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phthalates and other nasties.

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This breast shield has been a game changer on my ... This breast shield has been a game changer on my breastfeeding journey. I found out about it when I purchased my Milk Genie Pump. 1) It has a larger flange-to-shield size: I have very elastic breast tissue/ nipples that like to swell up a lot when I pump. This is the only breast shield I've tried that accommodates these changes well. 2) It has a rounded shield-to-flange angle: I've tried Pumpin' Pals from the USA which better than the Spectra breast shields due to their gradual angled flange. However, the Pumpin' Pals breast shields have much larger shields...which brings me to the next point. 3) It has a smaller shield size: this makes manual compression during pumping much less clumsy and easier. Manual compression makes pumping much more effective and efficient. 4) The shield is separate from the connector: I think only someone who doesn't have to do multiple pumps in a day would design a shield that is one-piece with the connector. I do multiple pumps a day at work, and put the bottles and connectors in the fridge between pumps. I wouldn't want to have to put the shield in the fridge as well! A cold shield would inhibit let down. In fact, I loved this design so much after trying so many shields that I would connect the Pumpables Genie backflow protector, connector, bottle and breastshield to my Spectra S1 pump, because the design spares my breasts from pain.

Kirsty L.

I first learned about Pumpables from Spectra website when looking ... I first learned about Pumpables from Spectra website when looking for smaller size breast shields. Gradually, my size changed along the breastfeeding journey. I came to use this breast shield because I bought the Milk Genie pump, but this breast shield proved to be the game changer for my pumping journey. None of the standard breast shields for Spectra/ Medela were comfortable for me as the angle and width of the flanges and the actual shield size never matched in a way that they wouldn't hurt when I pumped. I was in so much despair when using my Spectra S1 pump because of the pain, that I was going to give up. I also ordered Pumpin' Pals breast shields from USA - although these lessened the pain because of the angled design, the shield has a large surface area, which makes manual compression during pumping difficult. I like to use manual compression during pumping, as it greatly increases yield and efficiency. The Pumpables Genie breast shield has a relatively large diameter flange and a shield that has a smaller surface area. This flange diameter eliminated all of the pain I experienced with Spectra shields, and the smaller shield makes manual compression during pumping much less clumsy! I also like that the shield is separate from the bottle connector. I pump multiple times a day at work, and store the bottle and connector in the fridge between pumps. If I need to put the shield in the fridge (like with the Spectra shields), then it is cold and makes the next pump less comfortable. With the Genie breast shield, I can rinse it and keep it in room temperature so it is comfortable for the next use. I would recommend ladies who have similar problems with breast pain to try purchasing the Genie backflow protector, connector, breast shield and bottle, and attaching it to the tube of whichever other pump you have. That's what I did for my Spectra S1 pump, and it helped me keep both pumps in use in separate places.